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What is occasional rental? What is „umowa najmu okazjonalego”?

What is occasional rental?
Occasional lease is a specific type of lease of a residential premises in which the tenant voluntarily undertakes to move out of the rented apartment after the end of the contract. The occasional lease agreement itself does not differ significantly from the classic lease agreement. Notarial statements attached to the contract also play a key role. What does an occasional rental agreement look like? What does each of its paragraphs say? How to properly apply its provisions?

Declarations necessary for an occasional rental agreement
An occasional lease agreement differs from a classic residential lease agreement mainly in its annexes. The occasional lease agreement must be accompanied by:

the tenant’s declaration of submission to enforcement and commitment to vacate and hand over the leased premises pursuant to the lease agreement and within the time specified therein;

declaration of the owner of the premises or the person having legal title to the premises referred to above, consenting to the tenant and persons living with him living in the premises indicated in the declaration.

What is the sequence of procedures before and after concluding an occasional lease agreement?
Before concluding the contract, the tenant should present to the landlord, preferably with a notarially certified signature, a statement from the owner of the premises to which the tenant will be able to move after the termination of the lease or in the usual form on paper.
After both parties have signed the lease agreement, the tenant submits, in the presence of a notary, a declaration in which he or she submits to enforcement and undertakes to vacate and hand over the premises leased under the occasional lease agreement within the time specified by the lessor. The next step is up to the landlord. The taxpayer is obliged to report its conclusion to the head of the tax office within 14 days from the date of signing the contract.

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